Our Business

At 92 international group of company, We believe in partnerships with mutual growth and success. We keep our customer’s as our partners creating a win-win situation for both. We frequently create partnerships with local/foreign companies to combine industry specific skills, knowledge, and operational expertise. Our companies are part of a family, and are empowered to run their own affairs, yet the companies help one another, and solutions to problems often come from within the Group somewhere. It’s like a commonwealth, with shared ideas, values, interests and goals. Our expanding organization demonstrates our devotion to picking the right markets and the right opportunities.

    92 international Group

    The 92 international Group is one of Pakistan’s leading business conglomerates. The 92 international Group was established in 2020 and is one of the largest business groups in Pakistan. Today we manage and own companies that are industry leaders in their respective sectors including agri-business, call centers, consumer non-durables, fast food, financial services, media, paper and board, printing and packaging, surgical instruments, technology (data-networking, BPO and software) and travel.


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